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We’ve all been there: the bombsite that awaits you when you unzip your suitcase; a horrific mess of tangled garments all over the place, leaky shampoo bottles and general mayhem. 

Meet your new super-organised, soon-to-be favourite travel companion and suitcase (space) saver: Packing cubes.

Packing cubes are a simplistic but revolutionary idea, which packs (besides your clothing) a huge punch in terms of organisation and functionality. They help you maintain order if you’re a well-seasoned traveller already partial to doing so, and they help messier packers to become more organised.

If you prefer unzipping your bag to reveal an orderly arrangement of neatly packed belongings that you carefully sorted before setting off, packing cubes are what’s missing from your travel inventory.

In our guide, we’ll explore the best packing cubes on the market, including how best to use them, and what to look for.

The 11 best packing cubes: Clean and tidy bag organisers

Check our special packing cube buyers’ guide after the list to see exactly what you should pay attention to before purchasing a bag organiser.

NOMATIC: Best overall compression packing cubes

best packing cubes nomatic compression - Luxe Digital

If you could pay a small price to increase the capacity of your luggage by 50% (without buying a new bag, obviously), would you do it?

With the NOMATIC Compression packing cubes, you can. Seemingly going against the fundamental rules of physics, these packing cubes condense your clothes to maximise your packing space by a considerable 50%.

For example, the ‘Large’ 10-litre cube (think jumpers, knits and jeans), once packed, will compress down to 5 litres. The ‘Medium’ 5-litre cube will compress down to 2.5 litres. And the ‘Small’–well, you get it.

Made with lightweight, durable materials and featuring transparent mesh, you can bask in the glory of your newfound organisational skills with glee.

Best for: achieving Marie Kondo-level organisation in your suitcase.

Away The Insider: Best high-end packing cubes

best packing cubes away compression - Luxe Digital

The Insider packing cubes by Away offer an effective system for dividing and organising your clothing meticulously.

Featuring see-through mesh fronts, you can quickly scan your suitcase to find exactly what you’re looking for. The water-resistant nylon will deter any rogue leaks from destroying your crisp Givenchy suit, or your toothpaste from causing irreparable damage to your LBD.

The cubes come in nicely assorted sizes which slot in agreeably next to one another, and although tailored for Away’s luggage range, they should fit happily in most luggage.

Available in a wide variety of colours, including Black, Navy and Asphalt, you can select a colour which matches or complements your existing luggage. So, you can enjoy the feeling of being coordinated and together when in transit.

Best for: those seeking high-end, neat packing cubes which are waterproof and colour-co-ordinated.

AmazonBasics: Best value packing cubes set

best packing cubes budget cheap amazonbasics - Luxe Digital

AmazonBasics always rates highly when it comes to value. This is certainly true for the four-piece packing travel organiser set, which comes in soft mesh cubes which promise not to damage any delicate clothing you put inside.

They feature handles on each cube, which is a substantial help when you’re simply carrying them on their own. Plus, the mesh top panel is conveniently transparent so you can quickly locate specific items.

Available in Black, the packing cubes include Large, Medium, Small and Slim sizes so you can pack your clothing accordingly.

Best for: those who desire organisation when travelling but don’t wish to overspend.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter: Best compression packing cubes

best packing cubes eagle creek compression - Luxe Digital

Compression packing cubes are a must-have for those who hate to leave anything behind. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression cubes are a prime example of good compression packing cubes.

Crafted from ultra-lightweight nylon material, they’re water-resistant and therefore an effective barrier between your favourite shirt and your moisturiser bottle.

The cubes compress to a third of their size when zipped up, so you simply have to fold and place your clothes inside the expanded cube, zip it up and marvel at the wizardry that appears to unfold before you. We’re serious; these luggage packing cubes could be an absolute blessing for liberal packers.

As is standard, the translucent exterior allows you to navigate your cubes without causing wreckage, so you can find what you’re looking for with ease.

Available in Brilliant Blue, Strobe Green or Koi X-Ray, to name a few.

Best for: travellers who enjoy having the freedom of choice to bring their whole wardrobe supplies.

YAMIU: Best waterproof packing cubes

best packing cubes YAMIU - Luxe Digital

The YAMIU 7-piece Packing Cube Set includes four cubes, two toiletry bags (one of which is TSA-approved) and a shoe bag, so it should meet all your travel needs.

One for the most fastidious of voyagers, you’ve got enough separate packing cubes to organise your clothing into days, colours or occasions. Or whatever other categories you choose to adhere to–all without sacrificing whole cubes for your shoes and toiletries.

The two toiletry bags, one larger and one smaller, are completely waterproof. Plus, one is appropriately sized for bringing with you to the cabin. Both are transparent material, and can also house wet or dirty clothes.

Seemingly, YAMIU has thought of everything with this set: all the packing cubes are crafted from super lightweight nylon, with strong double zips which don’t weigh down your luggage.

They’re available in a range of colours including Black, Green and Grey.

Best for: those who desire the security and assurance that their clothes will arrive at their destination safely and dry, with no annoying leakages en route.

E-Bags Hyper-Lite: Best lightweight packing cubes

best packing cubes lightweight E-Bags hyper lite - Luxe Digital

Bypass any unnecessary weight, and still enjoy the benefits of packing cubes with the E-Bags Hyper-Lite Packing Cubes.

The set includes five lightweight packing cubes which are crafted from high-quality siliconised Cordura nylon and silicone coating on the interior. Meanwhile, polyurethane coating on the exterior mitigates any slipping or movement of your bags when they’re in transit.

While that may sound baffling to those of us who skipped science class, it essentially means the quality is super durable and optimally lightweight, and the cubes will stay happily still in your bag.

The self-repairing zips are yet another cool feature of these packing cubes, which promise a lifetime of zipping and unzipping without fail. Just don’t ask us how they do it.

Available in Grey, Blue, Black and Green, you’ll easily find a set that complements your existing luggage.

Best for: those who are seeking high-performance, lightweight packing cubes, with an abundance of convenient features.

EzPacking Set: Best see-through packing cubes

best packing cubes see-through EzPacking - Luxe Digital

Promising to act like ‘a set of drawers in your suitcase’, the EzPacking set of four clear packing cubes take visibility one step further.

The modular design, in conjunction with Cordura fabric and high-quality flexible vinyl, means your cubes will hold their shape no matter what variety of turbulence they may encounter along the journey.

The set promises to fit perfectly in any carry-on bag, allowing seven to ten days of clothing to fit neatly inside. 

Of course, the transparent nature of these travel storage cubes means you can easily peruse the contents, without the need for rifling through and leaving an undesirable mountain of fabric in your wake.

Available in a wide array of colours, including Black, Burgundy and Grey. 

Best for: travellers who like to navigate their belongings easily, without making a mess.

EzPacking 3-1-1 Organiser: Best packing cubes for carry-on

best packing cubes carry-on EzPacking - Luxe Digital

For carry-on queens (and kings) the EzPacking 3-1-1 see-through organiser is excellent for separating your toiletries on a cabin-bag only flight.

Aligning with the needs of carry-on bag-bearers, the clear organiser comes complete with a TSA-approved locking system, allowing glide-through convenience at any security check you may encounter.

The built-in handle allows you to retrieve the organiser from your larger bag quickly. Because, well, we all know the feeling of frantically rummaging around the security gate to gather our liquids and tech!

To that end, the bag is multi-usage and can easily carry your passport, phone or other small technology for easy access on your journey.

Available in a range of tints including Black, Blue and Green.

Best for: those who regularly travel with carry-on bags only, who desire quick and easy access to their things.

OEE 6-Piece: Best packing cubes for families

best packing cubes OEE - Luxe Digital

If you’re responsible for packing not only your own but your family’s luggage too, the OEE six-piece packing organiser could be a great choice.

The high-capacity packing cubes include three different sized larger packing cubes, along with an underwear bag, a shoe bag and a toiletry bag.

These packing cubes offer plenty of space for a small family to pack sufficient clothing and essentials adequately; the largest clothing bag can easily fit ten shirts, with space for six in the medium and four in the smallest.

The cubes are designed with durable, water-resistant Oxford material and buckle closures, so at least any holiday tears won’t be because of ruined clothes!

Available in a range of colours including Classic Black, Dark Grey and Beige.

Best for: an excellent packing system for travel if you’re journeying with your family in tow.

Osprey UL Packing Cube Set: Best packing cubes for backpacks

best packing cubes Osprey - Luxe Digital

With travel backpacks being a popular choice for solo travellers, there’s no reason why backpack-toters can’t enjoy the perks of packing cubes, too.

Osprey, the OG of outdoor and travel gear, has crafted the UL Packing Cube Set for precisely this purpose.

The three-piece set includes packing cubes in Small, Medium and Large, all adorned with Osprey’s signature eagle motif. The aesthetic is trendy enough to just use them as normal day bags, too.

The polyester bags with built-in handles should stack satisfyingly in your backpack, defying the usual unsightly bulges that badly-packed backpacks tend to produce.

Quintessentially simplistic, as per Osprey’s typical vibe, the tidy looking packing cubes make it easy to separate your things with whatever methodology you see fit.

Available in Shadow Grey or Electric Lime.

Best for: those seeking slick packing cubes for their backpack, from a brand that knows what’s up when it comes to easy travel.

NOMATIC Shoe Cube: Best shoe packing cube

best packing cubes nomatic shoe bag - Luxe Digital

Unless you plan on being barefoot for your whole trip (no fancy restaurants, then), you’re probably going to need a space for your shoes.

NOMATIC offers a fantastic packing cube designed specifically for holding shoes. The Shoe Cube accommodates up to size 12 shoes, providing a way of keeping them nice and separate from your clothing.

As much as we love to think our feet always smell like a summer meadow, keeping your shoes (especially post-hiking trip) apart from your other items is actually crucial.

As such, the Shoe Cube is crafted from durable, breathable, water-resistant material to keep your shoes as fresh as possible en route.

Plus, if your feet are on the daintier side, you’re able to fit more than one pair in each cube.

Available in Black.

Best for: travellers who like to be that little bit extra organised, or are concerned about having shoes bundled in with their clothes.

Buyers guide to packing cubes

If the concept of packing cubes is entirely new to you, here are a few ideas on what to look for when you’re browsing:

Mesh front

Most good packing cubes, if not completely transparent, come with a mesh front. This is important because it allows you to see what you’ve packed inside each cube, thus reducing the need for a flurried disorganising of your meticulous packing labour!

best packing cubes travel tips guide - Luxe Digital


For those who just never seem to have enough space! Arguably this issue is a reflection of character rather than bag space itself, compression cubes nonetheless help to maximise space by reducing the size of fully packed cube considerably.

For example, the Eagle Creek compression packing cubes shrink down, Alice in Wonderland style, to a third of their size when packed.

Waterproof and water-resistant

A common peril of travelling is the very real risk of unearthing your bag to discover damp, sticky clothing which has fallen victim to a leaking shampoo, face wash or makeup bottle.

Thankfully, most good packing cube sets will include a specific, waterproof (or resistant) bag to avoid this exact scenario.

Going large

If you pack liberally or you’ve got a family to consider, choosing a set of packing cubes is a great idea as they often contain one very large cube (as well as several smaller ones.)

However, if you’re a solo traveller or just packing for yourself, it’s often better to purchase several smaller, individual cubes, as many people say the large is often a little too large.

This is because a super big packing cube might not fill your luggage space most efficiently, whereas with two or three smaller ones you can organise more, and jiggle them around to fit.

Coordinate with your luggage brand

Often, luggage and suitcase brands will offer packing cubes which fit perfectly inside their own bags. Away, Osprey and Eagle Creek all offer matching sets. As many packing cubes vary in dimensions, it’s helpful to bear in mind the size of your luggage and the size of the packing cubes to ensure they’ll be a good fit.

What is the best way to use packing cubes: 3 travel expert tips

Divide and organise:  While you can easily just cram everything into your cubes with a laissez-faire approach, the whole idea of packing cubes is to separate and organise your things. Create a designated cube for jeans and jumpers, one for suits, one for underwear and one for laundry. Then, keep a separate, water-resistant bag for toiletries.

Upon arrival: Bypass the need to unpack everything individually by simply placing your cubes in your hotel drawers. This way, they’ll fit neatly inside and will be easy to access. No one wants to spend valuable holiday time packing and unpacking when the beach/city/bar is waiting!

best packing cubes away travel - Luxe Digital

Roll your clothes: One of the great benefits of packing cubes is the ability to see what’s inside them. By folding and stacking your clothing, this perk becomes redundant.

So, you’re better off rolling up your clothes tightly, allowing for a clear view of your array of shirts with nothing being concealed at the bottom.

Frequently asked questions about packing cubes

Are packing cubes worth it?

Whether you travel frequently or just take an annual holiday, packing cubes are worth it. There’s no need to deal with the jumble of clothing historically associated with travel. A good quality set of packing cubes will last a long time, so you’ll get fair use out of them.

How do I choose a packing cube?

Decide whether you need packing cubes for just you, or whether you’ll be packing for your partner or family. Individuals are better off purchasing a few smaller packing cubes to optimise space, while families benefit most from packing cube sets which include a variety of sizes.

Are packing cubes better than rolling?

Actually, the best way is to roll your clothes inside your packing cubes! Simply rolling your clothes into your suitcase may look organised at first glance, but after the tumultuousness of any journey, they’re unlikely to remain so. Plus, your clothes will be tougher to pack and unpack, as well as being at risk of unfolding and crumpling.

What is the best way to use packing cubes?

The general best way to use packing cubes is to separate your clothing into defined groups and pack your cubes accordingly. This way, you know which cube to look in to find your underwear, toiletries or shirts without the hassle of upturning your whole suitcase

Do packing cubes add weight?

Many packing cubes are crafted to be as lightweight as possible. Any overall weight added to your luggage will be minimal, especially in consideration of the benefits you reap from using them. If airport weight regulations are a concern, bear in mind packing cubes will allow you to pack in more clothing, and you could end up with a heavier bag.

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