How Windsor Racecourse Marina Lodges are redefining luxury living

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Living well, looking great, feeling good and sleeping well are the new luxuries that we want to enjoy and flaunt. We are placing more value on health and wellness these days, with a shift to a more holistic state of being, where one’s mental, physical and emotional health are in sync.

We are spending more of our time and money on participating in activities and indulging in experiences that promote wellbeing. We’re still purchasing high-end clothing from our favourite luxury brands, but we’re now including designer sportswear inside our Birkin bags.

And when it comes to buying property or seeking a weekend bolthole, the market for decadent self-indulgence has given way to stress-free, toxin-free minimalism, as our health and behaviour are increasingly seen to be positively impacted by our home environment.

Designed to take advantage of the idyllic location and stunning views, Windsor Racecourse Marina is a lodge development like no other in the UK, not only offering a luxury retreat but a great investment opportunity too

Dividing walls have disappeared; homes that which architecture and décor whisper tranquillity are in. So are luxury developments that offer homes in an environment designed for wellbeing as much as living, with access to green and blue space and outdoor activities.

The concept of wellness also extends to the perceived health of a building. That applies in relation to both design and the trend for cutting-edge smart systems that give people more control over their heating, lighting and appliances, and echo the desire for more streamlined and harmonious living.

The Windsor Racecourse Marina development has integrated wellness into the core DNA of each lodge through design, innovation, technology and experimentation, creating homes that are centered on lifestyle, not just living.

The marina is just 30 miles from London and is offering a new, brilliant way to harness this new, redefined ideal of luxury living – ultra-stylish lodges with fully luxurious facilities and impeccable environmental credentials.

Each lodge has been thoughtfully designed to create an exceptional environment for everyday modern living, from the sustainable build, through to the high-quality fittings and exquisite finish, every detail has been meticulously planned and beautifully delivered

You couldn’t get a better area; outside of London, Berkshire is the most valuable prime location in the whole of the UK. Surrounded by heart-stopping scenery, starting with the mighty castle and its park – no one could forget Harry and Meghan being driven down the straight-as-a-die Windsor Long Walk after their wedding?

Designed to take advantage of the idyllic location, each lodge gives you an exceptional environment for everyday modern living. From the sustainable build, through to the high-quality fittings and exquisite finishes, every detail has been meticulously planned and beautifully delivered. 

The lodges feature open-plan, free-flowing rooms that are filled with natural light and large windows that frame the gorgeous views. They are constructed to order, which gives you an opportunity to create a bespoke interior, both in structure and design.

The attention to detail is apparent throughout the lodge and delivers on quality and convenience, right through to the exquisite finish, high quality fittings and elegant design details. These are spaces to enjoy inside and out, providing an exceptional environment for everyday living, entertaining and escaping the outside world.

With this wonderful countryside setting in the heart of the Thames Valley, and easy access from the M4, M25, M3 and M40, Racecourse Marina is a perfect central location from which to explore the Thames

And these fantastic new second homes offer leisure and entertainment options as exciting as the location. City or country? Racing or sailing? Classical or rock concert? With a fabulous second home on Windsor Racecourse Marina they’re all there for your indulgence.

In an idyllic location and with stunning views, Windsor Racecourse Marina is a lodge development like no other in the UK – a luxury retreat and an investment opportunity. 

Prices start from £500,000 for a two-bedroom lodge.

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