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High Tea and Scones at the Ritz

A high bucket list item, that is to say, for me.  This experience was actually very high up on my list for many years.  For some reason, since I was young, I always associated having high tea of my first time would have to occur at the Ritz.  For this reason, my wonderful husband made one of my dreams come true once again.  Not only did we have high tea at this magnificent hotel, we also stayed there for this visit.  Amazing does not do the Ritz justice.  The hotel is lavish, dripping in gold (one of may favorite decor looks) and friendly, courtesy service.  Consequently, the photographs reveal that I definitely was happy to be finally experiencing High Tea and scones at the Ritz in London!

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The Experience of Tea at the Ritz

Okay enough about my dreams, let me give you some of the important information for you.  Above all on your check list to have High Tea at the Ritz is to book ahead of time.  Especially if you are wanting a certain day and/or time.  Due to they get booked up sometimes months in advance.  This was Valentines week (notice all the pink including me 🙂 so Kevin booked 3 months in advance so not to miss out, so as not to disappoint me!

In addition, dress up a little, its all part of the experience. Please note, dress coat and tie for men is required, no jeans for anyone, must be remembered.  Plan on spending 2 hours at your table while enjoying this tradition.  Yes, you heard me right, 2 hours.  Now you can leave a little earlier if you must, but you won’t want to move out of your seat, especially if they haven’t come around with the final tray.

Now for what the men will be interested in: what they serve, a large selection of teas, finger sandwiches, scones, preserves and lots of fabulous desserts.  This is a meal, indeed you won’t be hungry soon after! Of course everything is absolutely delicious!!! What I would do for a scone from the Ritz right now!  One more thing, brush up on proper high tea etiquette. Besides, it will help you feel more comfortable and enjoy the tradition even more! 😉

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