Elderly man shoots home invader — then fears for his life when intruder just gets more aggressive. But homeowner has more bullets left.

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An elderly man told KGNS-TV he saw a moving shadow outside his window followed by what sounded like someone trying to break into his Houston home early Monday morning.

What happened next?

The 74-year-old, who told the station he didn’t want to be identified, grabbed a handgun and shot the intruder who had just broken out a window.

One would assume that would be enough to deter most people from trying anything further — and that it certainly is plenty to convince the target from turning up the heat.

But no such luck in this case.

The homeowner told KGNS that rather than backing down, the intruder became even more aggressive.

So the homeowner shot the man two more times, killing him, the station said.

KGNS noted that the homeowner said a prayer because he didn’t know what was going to happen but believes it was a kill-or-be-killed situation and that he only was trying to protect himself.

And now the homeowner — who has lived in the area all his life and said he loves the neighborhood — told the station he believes it’s time for him to move.

Anything else?

KGNS reported that the case will be turned over to a grand jury to determine whether charges will be filed. Authorities have not released the name of the alleged intruder, the station added.

In related news, New Orleans police told WDSU-TV a homeowner fatally shot an intruder at a Dauphine Street residence Thursday evening.

The homeowner reportedly heard banging on the door of the residence and approached with a gun, the station said.

After opening the door, police said an unidentified male lunged at the homeowner, who responded by shooting the male, WDSU reported. The male died at the scene, the station reported, adding that no other information was available on the incident.

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