Delano Squires: TPUSA showed Brandi no Love. Should black America do the same to pornographic rappers?

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The recent dust-up about the compatibility of porn with conservatism may be just the template black America needs to address the impact of hip-hop in black culture.

A fierce debate among journalists, pundits, activists, and social media influencers on the right started when an adult film actress named Brandi Love showed up at a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) event for conservative high school and college students. According to TPUSA, Love was asked to leave after parents expressed concern over the nature of her social media activity. That decision kicked off a wave of public discourse about what it means to be an American conservative in 2021.

The debate pits religious conservatives who argue that pornography and other types of sex work are degrading and incompatible with conservatism against those who claim the right should be a big tent open to anyone who supports individual freedom, free markets, and limited government. One side was motivated by ideas about morality and absolute truth; the other by pragmatism and political expediency.

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