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Moscow: In a massive breakthrough, Russian President Vladimir Putin says that a COVID-19 vaccine developed in the country has been registered for mass use. Not only that, he also mentioned that one of his daughters has already been inoculated.

Putin said that the vaccine has proven efficient during several trials, offering a lasting immunity from the coronavirus, the Russian leader said at a government meeting Tuesday.

Putin stressed that the vaccine underwent the necessary battery of tests also stating that one of his two daughters has received a shot of the vaccine and is feeling healthy.

Russian authorities have said that medical workers, teachers and other risk groups will be the first to be inoculated.

Russia has become the first country in the world to register a coronavirus vaccine. Many scientists in the country and abroad have been apprehensive about the development, however, questioning the decision to register the vaccine before the commencement of Phase 3 that usually last for months before commercial usage by people.

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